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Why Raise Murray Grey Cattle?


BB Uncle Tony (5 years)(8)
BB Rosalie Heifer
Hugs from Swiler
Grass Fed Beef - Murray Grey Steers
Murray Grey Cow
Murray Grey Yearling Heifer
BB Goldie and 006 Heifer (5 years and 7.5 months)(1)
Murray Grey Yearling Heifers

Murray Grey Cattle


The Murray Grey breed was developed over 100 years ago in the Murray River Valley of Australia. A single roan Shorthorn cow was crossed with various Angus bulls, and the resulting offspring formed the foundation of the Murray Grey breed. Known throughout Australia as a superlative grass fed beef breed, Murray Grey cattle also have a greater genetic prevalence for tenderness and marbling genes than most other beef cattle breeds. Our steers have consistently graded Choice on grass alone.
Living in Texas, our cattle are subjected to summer days that routinely hit 110 degrees, and sub-freezing temperatures that come with the winter ice storms. We have been impressed with the hardiness of the Murray Greys over the years. In the summer, when neighboring herds are standing in the ponds, the Murray Greys are still out grazing, converting grass into beef. The darker pigmentation of the Murray Grey, as seen on their udder and muzzle, reduces the incidence of sunburned teats and udders, and pinkeye.
Murray Greys range in color from silver to shades of grey to black. The cows are known for their mothering ability and longevity, with many producing a quality calf into their teens. The bulls have the ability to cover many cows in a season. Using a single sire over forty cows, we have had 90% of his calves born in the first 21 days of the calving season. With calves born so close together, they are more consistent and uniform at weaning, improving the producer's bottom line.
For the commercial producer, Murray Grey sires provide a safe, calving-ease option for heifers, without sacrificing growth or phenotype. With the majority of calves being 65-75 lbs at birth, the calves are quick to their feet and nursing within 30 minutes of birth. A number of our customers have begun to incorporate Murray Grey bulls into their cow herds after seeing the success over their heifers. 
        50% Murray Grey x 50% Angus cow                                            Murray Grey Cow/Calf Pair

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